Other Scripts and Extensions


Rostrum is a script, for Photoshop Animators that “records” all visible Layers or Layer Comps to a Video Layer without deleting or merging existing artwork. The name of the script is derived from the camera used to capture 2D animation.

Record a multi-layered frame by frame animation scene to Video Layers without compression or quality loss, to create an optimized Photoshop file as footage to directly import to Premiere or After Effects.

Use Layer Comps to automatically create multiple passes of the same animation to create manageable Video Layers for parallax camera effects in After Effects or Mattes.

Use naming conventions to render Layer Comps as stills or as a reversed Video Layer.

In the case of very complex psd-files it can even result in a smaller file size (without compression or quality loss). The final document will have a clean document structure and there is no need to keep track of multiple folders of image sequences on your hard-drive.

The Rostrum script is available via Adobe Exchange.

PD ToolBox

PD Toolbox is a Brush and Tool Preset shortcut panel for Photoshop. The panel is created with the digital painter in mind but is useful to anybody who uses Tool Presets in Photoshop.

PD ToolBox displays will save reference to the tools used/activated during the creation process and saves them as part of the psd file. The next time you open the file PD ToolBox will show you which Tool Presets or Brushes you’ve used.

Every tool that can be saved as a Tool Preset can be part of PD Toolbox.

The PD ToolBox panel is available via Adobe Exchange.

PD BlurBox

PD BlurBox is a Photoshop panel that gives direct access to photoshop’s most used blur effects directly in the user interface with more accurate and intuitive controls for the Radial Blur and Motion Blur.

note: PD BlurBox does not provide a blur-preview.

The PD BlurBox panel is available via Adobe Exchange.