New Project

New Project with saved settings.

Increment and save.

Render video.
  Toggle timeline shortcut keys.
  Toggle favourite layers.

Mark selected layers as favourite.


  Paste special.

Paste special without merging.
  Clear layer content.

Split and clear next layer.

Split and clear previous layer.
  Make hold frame.


Snapshot without background.
  Toggle fit/zoom.

Actual pixels.


Apply colour label

Apply colour and label name.

Split, clear and apply label.

Apply colour and custom name.
Remove label.

Reset name.

Rename layer(s).
Toggle colour overlay effect on/off for selected layers.

Remove colour overlay effect for selected layers.


New video layer.

Load footage.

Video settings.

Rasterise video layer.
Insert frame after.

Insert frame before.

Duplicate frame.
Add exposure.

Remove exposure.

Add exposure by input value.

Remove exposure by input value.

Frames (cont)

New video group

Select video group content.



Trim layer start.

Move by layer start.

Trim and sequence selection.
Split and select next.

Split and select previous.

Split and clear.

Split layer into frames.
  Trim layer end.

Move by layer end.
Reverse layers.


Set start of work area.

Go to start of work area.
  Reset work area.

Extract work area.

Lift work area.
  Set end of work area

Go to end of work area.
Go to previous frame.

Go to first frame

Go to previous edit.
Go to next frame.

Go to last frame.

Go to next edit.
Toggle onion skinning.

Reset background visibility.

Open onion skin settings.

Apply color overlay for onion skinning.