Adobe Photoshop

The Animator’s Toolbar is an extension for Photoshop that will enable the best animation experience you can get inside Photoshop.


The Animator’s Toolbar is used as part of the curriculum on different art and design institutes around the world.

Professional Animators

The extension has also found its way to users working at Pixar, Disney, Adult Swim to name but a few.

Often used in preliminary work like storyboards or animatics (i.e. moving storyboards) but also perfectly capable of producing production ready shots and sequences.


Edit Multiple Layers

Animations in Photoshop require a lot of frames. The Animator’s Toolbar provides you with the tools to move, trim, copy, rename and adjust many frames at once (also inside video groups).

Custom Functions

A single function can contain multiple processes. Something that would require multiple repetitive steps can often be achieved with a single click. Many functions are aware of the selected layer type and respond accordingly.

Additional Languages

The Animator’s Toolbar supports the following locale system languages; German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch and English.