All you need to animate in Photoshop combined in one toolbar.

Animator's Toolbar UI

The Animator’s Toolbar Pro is a Photoshop extension to help you to take full advantage of the apparent possibilities of a timeline in Photoshop and aims to overcome the limitations posed by its native implementation.

The Animator’s Toolbar Pro extends Photoshop’s (2D) animation capabilities. The video above demonstrates a new toolbar function named “Go To Next Edit” which is not a native Photoshop function. By taking much of the hassle out of animating in Photoshop you can focus on the creation part and take full advantage of the brushes, tools and plugins you know, to make beautiful animations.

The Animator’s Toolbar Pro makes some of the most useful timeline functions, like “Onion Skinning” and “Toggle Keyboard Shortcuts” more accessible through the buttons on Animator’s Toolbar.

Other functions like “Add Blank Frame” or “Roll Edit” are specific to the Animator’s Toolbar and are not found in the Photoshop Timeline menu. These functions automate a series of tasks you would otherwise have to do repeatedly by hand.

The Animator’s Toolbar Pro can batch-perform most of its functions, making it possible to edit multiple Layers at once. e.g. Trimming the endpoints of many Layers with one click.

The Animator’s Toolbar Pro can perform edit functions on Layers inside Video Groups, something that is not possible with the native functions from the timeline-flyout menu.