This is for everybody, students, hobbyists and professionals alike. You’ll be up and animating in no time. Because Photoshop is an industry standard software package, for which many users might have already gained a proficient or advanced skill level as a digital painter or illustrator, the Animator’s Toolbar Pro has proven to be very popular with Professionals and Animation Students.

The array of brushes, tools and effects allow you create beautiful imagery in any style. To translate those creations into animation, you’ll only have to be willing to do it over and over again with small increments of change.

The Animator’s Toolbar Pro is designed with the traditional animator in mind. Being a professional animator is not defined by the software you use but rather by your understanding of the principles of animation and your ability to use them. These animation principles translate very well between different software packages and paper alike. In the end you are only limited by your own imagination… Ready to give it a try?

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